Pendulum suspensions

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1:14 Pendelfederung 9mm höhergelegt für angetriebene Achsen
1:14 pendulum suspension 9mm higher for...
Pendulum suspension 9mm higher for driven axles. Wishbone made of stainless steel, pendulum suspension with bracket made of aluminum including mounting screws.
€ 169,00 * € 179,00 *
Pendelaufhängung, Bausatz, ScaleDRIVE kompatibel mit Tami
Pendulum suspension, kit, Scale Drive ...
Pendulum suspension, kit, Scale Drive compatible with Tamiya, ScaleART and WDC axes, matches the three-axes
€ 90,00 *
Pendelachsaufhängung mit Alu-Feinguss- Teilen, 16
Swing arm suspension with aluminum investment casting -...
Axle suspension with aluminum fine-cast parts, 16 ball-and-socket joints, axle mountings, leaf spring packs with fasteners, bolts, nuts. TAM. Fits to the Tamiya scale. Height cast boom 66mm.
€ 229,00 *
Pendelachssystem für Antriebsachsen hinten (780)
Pendelachssystem for driving axle rear (780)
Pendelachssystem for rear drive axles (780). Contains no drive axles! For use with drive axles and 4039 4040 articles.
€ 154,00 *
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