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1:14 Pendelfederung 9mm höhergelegt für angetriebene Achsen
1:14 pendulum suspension 9mm higher for...
Pendulum suspension 9mm higher for driven axles. Wishbone made of stainless steel, pendulum suspension with bracket made of aluminum including mounting screws.
169,00 € * 179,00 € *
Pendelaufhängung, Bausatz, ScaleDRIVE kompatibel mit Tami
Pendulum suspension, kit, Scale Drive ...
Pendulum suspension, kit, Scale Drive compatible with Tamiya, ScaleART and WDC axes, matches the three-axes
90,00 € *
Pendelachsaufhängung mit Alu-Feinguss- Teilen, 16
Swing arm suspension with aluminum investment casting -...
Axle suspension with aluminum fine-cast parts, 16 ball-and-socket joints, axle mountings, leaf spring packs with fasteners, bolts, nuts. TAM. Fits to the Tamiya scale. Height cast boom 66mm.
229,00 € *
Pendelachssystem für Antriebsachsen hinten (780)
Pendelachssystem for driving axle rear (780)
Pendelachssystem for rear drive axles (780). Contains no drive axles! For use with drive axles and 4039 4040 articles.
154,00 € *
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