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Allow / Allow cookies

Thus, our online shop is operating properly and can provide certain functions, the cookie technology is used.

For example, stores the online store cookies, otherwise the shopping cart, or the notepad after the shop exit, still holds the stored products.

Normally the shop with all the features work in any Web Browser. However, it may be that the end user has cookies not admitted. This can also 3. Party programs have happened.



To allow cookies to: Settings Firefox 

To allow cookies manually in Firefox browser.

  1. Go in Firefox "Settings"In the menu button at the top right
  2. Then on "Privacy"Button on the left side
  3. Under the History section "Firefox will"Please turn on"Use custom settings" invest.
  4. The checkbox "accept cookies"click



Screenshot Firefox settings


Detailed information can be found on the Mozilla Firefox website:




To allow cookies to: Settings Safari

Under Apple devices such as eg. I Pad can lead to problems if the Cookes are disabled. For example, under certain circumstances can be no products add to cart.

In this case you should check whether permitted in your Apple device cookies, or are blocked as follows.

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Then under the tab "Safari"
  3. Click on "Erweitert"
  4. block cookies >
  5. Please choose now an option "permit by websites you visit"Or"Always allow"

Under IOS 7 please choose instead: "From third-party advertising or"Or"Immer".



To allow cookies to: Settings Chrome

To enable / allow browser cookies in Google Chrome.

  1. Click on the Chrome menu icon
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Click at the bottom of the "Settings"
  4. Switch the radio button to "storage lokalter data"
  5. Save




You can obtain detailed information about the Allow cookies on Chrome on the developer page:




To allow cookies: Internet Explorer settings

In Internet Explorer, click the cookie settings in Internet Options.

(For Internet Explorer 11)


  1. Top right, click in Internet Explorer on the Gear (Settings icon)
  2. Then please click on "Internet options"click
  3. On the tab "Privacy"click
  4. Now please click on "Erweitert"click
  5. The radio button "First-party CookiesAllow "to" "
  6. The radio button "Third-party cookiesAllow "to" "

Info: Cookies can Drittanbetern example. From Facebook, Piwik, or other sites being communicating in the background with our shop. A detailed description and instructions for the cookie settings in Internet Explorer can be found here:

https://www.verbraucher-sicher-online.de/anleitung / cookie-settings-in-internet-explorer-7 and 8-make-


See the screenshot:


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