aeronaut: The Swabian company is aeronaut of the leading manufacturers in the RC model. Despite the specialization on flight and ship modeling, delivers aeronaut us always high quality Speed ​​controller, Transmission components, plastic profiles, chains and useful accessories.

AFV: AFV is a manufacturer like us pursues the vision to equip models so detailed as possible. The model will hardly be distinguished from the original still. Specialized, the company has from Halle in Leipzig on construction of wheeled and tracked vehicles and related accessories. AFV products such as Heck coupling or miniature tools, are distinguished by a high degree of accuracy and detail.

Andys-load: The friendly Untenehmen from Solingen gives us scale, licensed loads. The trained carpenter Andreas Heier is an absolute expert on the wood. Andys-cargo provides us Pallets, Course equipment, Crates, barrels, For individual projects or measures the company Andys-load is the right person.

BEIER-Electronic: BEIER-Electronic develops custom electronic controls for over 30 years. Since 2003 the company from Schorndorf has also to products for Funktionsmodellbau. The range comprises of Sender extensions and Sound Modules to switch modules, Especially popular is the Sound module USM-RC-2 and Infrared extension module SM-IR-16 2.  

Carson: Carson Model Sport is part of the corporate group Simba Dickie and has complete kits as the LR634 or different Semitrailer, And various tuning and accessories in Porgramm. We refer of Carson Model Sport Radio controls, servos, tuning parts, batteries, wheels, tires, trailers, chargers, and all other accessories.

CTI: The company produces and develops from Aichtal switching modules and cruise control. Absolute bestseller made by CTI are the Memory Switch PS4a and cruise control THOR15HC, Further round chain regulators, a moving floor control, Model Switch, Power Plate, function switch, a limit switch module and the X-BEC family off the assortment.

Faulhaber motors: Faulhaber is a leading high-tech provider of miniature drive technology. The supplied from Faulhaber Engines drawing up by a high smoothness, a very high torque and a strong performance.

Fine Line

Graupner / SJ

Kraftwerk zone




Multiplex / Hitec

Osswald Model

Piste King Funktionsmodellbau




Scale Drive

Seitz Model

Servonaut (Tematik)


Tamiya: Tamiya is a Japanese manufacturer of radio controlled cars and trucks. The distribution takes over in Europe the Simba Dickie Group, headquartered in Fürth. For us, the interesting verschiedenene truck models (tractors) and semitrailers. Besides replacement and Tung parts gives us a wide range of accessories for the Funktionsmodellbau.
Under the brand name Carson model Sport, the Group offers more high-end components and complete models for the rc model sport. Remote controls, wheels, tires and gear are only a small overview of the product range



Veroma: The company from Sailauf specialized in the production of accessories for truck models. The family looks back on an already 25 year history. Today the product range includes more than 5000 products rising. The now popular scale in the home is now Veroma 1: Tamiya, although the first models in scale 1: 8 were offered. Even today, the company under the leadership of Mr. welding chart many items for the scale 1: 8 on.

Wedico: Since 1975 the company WEDICO is headquartered in Wuppertal a fixture on the Funktionsmodellbau market. The company has licensed speziealisiert on models from the automotive and heavy equipment industries. The licensors: MAN, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Scania, Volvo and CAT.
The benchmark for Truck models claims to 1: 16 and 1 Construction: 14,5. Here WEDICO is hugely important high functionality, detail and quality.

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