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Stromverteiler-Anschlussklemme. 2x 3-polig 0,08-4qmm
Power distribution terminal block. 2x 3-pin...
Power distribution terminal block. 2x 3-pin 0,08-4qmm. max. 32A/400V. 34x42x14,7mm.
4,30 € *
Stromverteiler-Anschlussklemme. 2x 4-polig 0,08-4qmm
Power distribution terminal block. 2x 4-pin...
Power distribution terminal block. 2x 4-pin 0,08-4qmm. max. 32A/400V. 42x40x14,7mm
4,94 € *
Verteiler-Platine bis 6A Gesamt-Belast- ung. Alle A-Anschlü
Distribution board up to 6A total load ....
Distribution board to 6A Total load. All A-connections are connected to each other. Also all B-connections. 3 LEDs signal the applied voltage.
8,50 € *
CTI Terminal BEC. Federklemmen für 11 Vebraucher BEC 5V/2A
CTI Terminal BEC. Spring clips for 11 ...
Terminal strip with spring terminals and integrated BEC terminal BEC. With this module it is possible to arrange cables in the smallest possible space. Technical data: Connection voltage 6-24V SMD Terminals in spring clamp technology up to ...
23,00 € *
CARSON 500503062 Switch Stromverteiler
CARSON 500503062 Switch Power Distributor ...
CARSON Switch Power distributor with fuse. Max. Load current approx. 8A. With self-resetting fuse. With spring force terminals (5x plus, 3x minus). 35x15x22mm. 21 gr.
28,39 € * 32,49 € *
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