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Leuchtkasten / Werbekasten beleuchtet aus Metall
Illuminated light box / advertising box made of metal
Metal light box for mounting above the sun visor. Incl. glass, resistors, assembly material, instructions 110mm wide 37mm high LED: 3V, 60mA
67,00 € * 69,95 € *
1x Leuchtkasten-Bausatz. Zum Anbringen im Dachbereich von
1x light box kit. For attachment in ...
1x light box kit. For mounting in the roof area of ​​driver's cabins. Suitable for all models. 7,2 - 16 Volt !! Usable area for labeling: 98x24mm Screw: M2x5 Leuch case made of milled aluminum parts. Front cover made of ...
53,95 € *
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